Introducing the KAT 829 Amphibious Rescue Vehicle. The first highly practical application of the amphibious vehicle and the silver bullet to the future's flooding crises.

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Born from the tragedy of the 2009 hurricane Katrina, the KAT 829 will become the standard rescue vehicle to be used to navigate the harsh terrain of flooded terrain. During hurricane Katrina thousands were marooned on the roofs of their own homes. The landscape was impassable with current rescue vehicles, with swaths of land being surrounded by water too deep to drive through. So many lives could have been easily recovered by utilization of a vehicle like the KAT 829, using towable barges to carry people and equipment to the location of the refugees directly, with no delay moving between mediums.


Given the recent destruction from more recent flooding event, such as the Houston flooding, the need for the KAT 829 is now more pertinent than ever. Rescue efforts could have been deployed immediately and with ease, conquering the landscape trivially and more importantly, recovering flood victims.


The KAT 829 can be deployed in any climate. Featuring on-demand optional front-wheel, rear-wheel, or all wheel drive during operation as well as faceted panels for deflection of debris for the vehicle's operators. However, the KAT 829's only utilization is not limited to its life-saving abilities. It can also be modified and used for recreational use and military purposes.


The KAT 829's ability to be built to purpose with ease and more than affordable price point allows a degree of latitude and accessibility unknown the amphibious vehicle market. The construction and platform of the KAT 829 allows it to be utilized for any application, from saving lives to sport utility.

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Key Features


Built with quality market-available materials and faceted body panels to deflect flying debris.


Sturdy in rough environments, fast where it needs to be, but a GWVR of ~3,500lbs


Using mainly off-the-shelf parts to keep production and maintenance costs low.


Carry as much gear and people as you can with 2 Tons of reserve buoyancy!


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